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Tannus Armour Puncture Proof Tire Liner Insert



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Tannus Armour Puncture Proof Tire Liner Insert
Easy installation
Reduce punctures risk
Protects your rims from impact and sharp object penetration
Sidewall protection
Ideal For All Bikes
Sold Individually

20x2.0-2.5 • TA2020
Upc: 193751005377

20x3.0-4.0 • TA2030
Upc: 193751005636

20x4.0-4.8 • TA2040
Upc: 193751005629

26X1.6-1.9 • TA2616
Upc: 193751005353

26x2.0-2.5 • TA2620
Upc: 193751005346

27.5x2.0-2.5 • TA2720
Upc: 193751005339

27.5x2.6-3.0 • TA2726
Upc: 193751005421

29x2.0-2.5 • TA2920
Upc: 193751005322

700x28-34 • TA7028
Upc: 193751005360

700x35-40 • TA7035
Upc: 193751005315

700x42-47 • TA7042
Upc: 193751005308

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