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Tioga Edge 22 Dual Front Tubeless Folding Tire 27.5"



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The Tioga Edge 22 Tubeless Front Dual Compound Folding Tire 27.5 upends convention with an open center design that adds accessible cornering edges closer to the center of the tread for instant cornering grip when turning. As lean angle increases, with the center edges remaining engaged with the terrain, the outer row knobs kick in, doubling the cornering edge engagement to hold the cornering line in ways that tires with a single row cornering knobs can’t match.

Instantaneous cornering grip: center knobs are realigned to create the spacing necessary for a set of cornering edges in the central tread zone, allowing the edges to dig into the terrain immediately when leaning into corners.

Dual cornering edge engagement: with the central set of cornering edges remaining locked in with the terrain, lean further, and the outer knobs kick in to add an extra set of cornering edges digging into the terrain simultaneously.

• Size: 27.5 x 2.5
• ISO: 584
• Center Gap with Dual-Cornering Edges
• MAGNUM 120 TPI Casing
• Synergy Dual Compound (61a/50a)
• Tubeless-Ready
• Folding Bead
• Weight: 930g
• Optimized for 30 - 35mm I.D. rims
• PSI: 50
• TPI: 120
• Type: Tubeless

Supplier Part # R9ZA5505
UPC / EAN 840511039911

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