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Tioga Fastr BLK LBL Folding Tire 20"



Tioga Fastr BLK LBL Folding Tire 20". ultra-efficient design of FASTR unifies speed with control like no other tire. Ultra-low rolling resistance achieved through a smooth central tread. An ingenious pressure sensitive Grip-Pod system (patent-pending) that stays out of the way, minimizing momentum loss, while fully coming alive to maintain control when pushing through corners.

Increased strategical placement of Grip-Pods matched to multi-facet Nano Knobs on shoulder and sides
Black Label edition features an improved Cyclex 120 TPI Ultralight casing, an increased maximum pressure, as well as puncture protection
PneuMax 110 PSI High-Pressure Coating
FAvntGUARD Cut Protection Layer
UTC Rubber Compound
Folding Bead

Size: 20"
Bead: Folding
Type: Tube Type
TPI: 120
ISO: 406
20 x 1.85 (O.D. 515mm) 12.70oz; 360g
20 x 1.75 (O.D. 507mm) 12.17oz; 345g

20x1.75 • R9ZA2666
UPC: 840511037320

20x1.85 • R9ZA2151
UPC: 840511037054

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