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TRP Slate T4 Hydraulic Disc Brake 4 Piston



TRP Slate T4 Hydraulic disc brake 4 pistons 
Alloy lever actuates two 11mm and two 14mm pistons
Banjo hose fitting allows smooth hose angles on any setup
Bleed port positioned on inside top front corner to provide easy access regardless of mounting position
Top loading pads with enough room to be compatible with aftermarket finned pads
The lever clamp is compatible with I-Spec b, I-Spec ll (XT and XTR only), and SRAM matchmaker compatible with TRP adapter
Brake pad composite is Resin with Metal Fibers
Resin with Metal Fibers pads are compatible with Resin-Only type rotors as well as standard rotors
Pads shape is the same as Shimano D-Type brakes (Saint/Zee)

Pistons 4
Caliper mount Post mount 74mm
Rotor Not included
Position Front or Rear
Hydraulic Hose Length 1900mm
Primary Color Black
Fluid Mineral oil
Brake Material Aluminum
Lever Blade Material Aluminum
Shift Lever Comp. I-Spec b, I-Spec ll (XT and XTR) compatible. Matchmaker w/separate adapte
Brake Weight 270g

Front • UPC code : 4717592029703
Manufacturer # : ABHD000682

Rear • UPC code : 4717592029826
Manufacturer # : ABHD000681

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