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Vee Tire Inner Tube 29" 2.6-3.25 Presta

Vee Rubber


Vee Ruber Tire bicycle inner tube covering sizes 29X2.60 through 29x3.25 with a 48mm removable core French Presta Valve stem. Vee Tire has been a leading manufacturer of high quality bicycle tires and tubes since 1977. Produced in Thailand, each of their products are carefully crafted with select raw materials using state of the art modern technologies giving Vee Tire a leading edge over the cheaper low cost products on the market. Ride with confidence and Ride Safe with Vee Tire!

Contents: Single 29x2.6 Vee Tire bicycle tire inner tube with a 48mm removable core French Presta valve stem.
Feature: 48mm French Presta valve stem with removable core
Feature: Multi-Fitment inner tube that covers 29x2.60 through 29x3.25 bicycle tire sizes.
Quality: Made from butyl rubber to provide a longer life while resisting ozone cracking and dry-rot.
Weight: 402g

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