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Wheels Manufacturing Max Sealed Suspension Pivot Bearing

Wheels Manufacturing


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Enduro MAX sealed bearing. Designed for suspension pivots. MAX bearings take 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings. Upgrading your rear suspension with Enduro Max bearings will perform 2 or 3 times longer than the stock set up. Black oxide races with an additional Magnetite treatment for hardness, rust resistance and even more reliability. The race grooves are deeper on these bearings for more lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces associated with mountain bike pivots. LLU seals give maximum protection against the elements, while keeping the 90% fill of Almagard Extra High Pressure Grease inside. Sold individually

OD: 28mm / ID: 12mm / Width: 8mm 6001 LLU MAX 811079022639
OD: 19mm / ID: 10mm / Width: 7mm 63800 LLU MAX 811079022646
OD: 19mm / ID: 10mm / Width: 5mm 6800 LLU MAX BO 811079022653
OD: 21 mm / ID: 12 mm / Width: 5 mm 6801 LLU MAX BO 811079022660
OD: 24mm / ID: 15mm / Width: 5mm 6802 LLU MAX BO 811079022677
OD: 26mm / ID: 17mm / Width: 5mm 6803 LLU MAX BO 811079022684
OD: 37mm / ID: 25mm / Width: 7mm 6805 LLU MAX 811079022691
OD: 22mm / ID: 10mm / Width: 6mm 6900 LLU MAX BO 811079022707
OD: 24mm / ID: 12mm / Width: 6mm 6901 LLU MAX BO 811079022714
OD: 28mm / ID: 15mm / Width: 7mm 6902 LLU MAX BO 811079022721
OD: 30mm / ID: 17mm / Width: 7mm 6903 LLU MAX BO 811079022738


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