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Wheels Manufacturing T47 Bottom Bracket OutBoard Bearing for 30mm Cranks

Wheels Manufacturing


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Wheels Manufacturing T47 Bottom Bracket Angular OutBoard Bearing for 30mm Crankset
T47 threaded BB cups for T47 frames and 30mm diameter spindle cranks. Cups have outboard bearings, and can be used in BB shells with widths from 68mm to 100mm. Machined aluminum cups thread together directly into a T47 BB shell. Bearings are easily serviced or replaced. Includes sleeve to fit between cups for added protection from dirt and grime, and also keeps your internal wires and hoses from rubbing on the crank spindle.

T47 BB cups are similar to standard BSA threaded cups in that the drive side cup is left-hand thread and the non-drive side cup is right-hand thread. Use a quality grease when installing in steel or aluminum BB shells, and an anti-seize compound compatible with titanium BB shells.

Bearings: Enduro Angular Contact
Color: Black
Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: T47
Bottom Bracket Shell Width (mm): 68mm - 100mm
Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 47x1.0mm Threaded
Crank Spindle Diameter: 30mm
Weight: 155g

Manufacturer # : T47-OUT-30MM-AC

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