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White Lightning Clean Streak

White Lightning


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The White Lightning Clean Streak has a new cleaning-agent technology that lifts, strips and dissolves the nastiest of contaminants. Evaporates fast and leaves no residue. Make your hi-performance lubricant work its best. White Lightning Clean Streak is a "no-scrub" cleaner that cleans to the base and prepares surfaces for application of high performance lubricants. New lube application, penetration and film adhesion is 100% maximized. From end of the season wax lube buildup, to thick greasy carbonized grit, to new chain transit coatings..., White Lightning Clean Streak will cut through it all! Fast action and thorough evaporation. Features a 360 swivel precision applicator. VOC compliant ingredients. Exceeds today's most stringent health and environmental regulations.


Size: 23oz Aerosol

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