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White Lightning Trigger Chain Cleaner System

White Lightning


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The White Lightning Trigger Chain Cleaner System uses the cleaning power of Clean Streak in conjunction with the scrubbing power of a chain cleaner to easily, quickly and effectively clean you chain in less than 20 seconds! The "Trigger" works on all drive train systems, including: MTB, BMX, road and single-speed bikes. White Lightning Trigger Chain Cleaner System.(12oz)


The Trigger Chain Cleaner Directions for Use: 

Step 1: With the Chain Cleaner in the open position, place the chain cleaner over the chain. Pull the trigger back to close the chain cleaner around the chain.

Step 2: While back pedaling for 2-3 revolutions (using your right hand), depress the Clean Streak button. Continue turning the crank for an additional 2-3 revolutions without spraying the Clean Streak.