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Wipperman Connex E-Bike Sprocket For Bosch Drive



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Wipperman Connex E-Bike Sprocket For Bosch Drive
Replacement sprockets for use with Bosch E-bike drivetrains
High quality manufacturing and hardening processes make the Connex sprockets for Bosch "new era" E-bike series extremely
Perfect for the Performance Line CX, Performance Line and Active Line drive systems
1/2" x 3/32"

Mount Compatibility: Bosch
Teeth: 14T
Spec: 1.9mm
Color: Silver
Chain Compatibility: 1/2x3/32"

14T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0140
Upc: 4041319002121

15T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0150
Upc: 4041319001902

16T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0160
Upc: 4041319001919

17T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0170
Upc: 4041319001926

18T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0180
Upc: 4041319001933

18T 3.1mm Black • 6801-01E8-0180

19T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0190
Upc: 4041319001940

20T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0200
Upc: 4041319001957

22T 1.9mm Silver • 6801-10SE-0220
Upc: 4041319002732

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