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WTB Trail Boss TriTec E25 TCS Tire 27.5"



WTB Trail Boss TriTec E25 TCS Folding Tubeless Tire 27.5 x 2.60
Designed to improve upon the beloved Trail Boss 2.25, the wider Trail Boss 2.4/2.6 builds on perfection with a more aggressive tread pattern to match its increased width. Generous spacing between sizable knobs provides better traction in loose or wet conditions, while staying true to its fleet-footed heritage. Large, supportive side knobs dig deeeeeeep, whether you’re leaning into a corner or grabbing a handful of brake. Most often used as a rear tire, the Trail Boss also provides plentiful traction as a front tire on hardpack trails.

Tightly spaced, blocky tread minimizes rolling resistance
Supportive side knobs deliver traction when cornering
Commonly used as a rear tire with a WTB Vigilante on the front

Size: 27.5"
Width: 2.60
Bead: Folding
Color: Black
Compound: TriTec
Puncture Resistant: E25
Model: TCS Light/Fast Rolling
Type: TCS Tubeless

Upc: 714401108967

TriTec blends three distinct rubber compounds to provide different levels of traction, support and durability based on their placement within the tread. High durometer rubber provides a foundation for the entire tread pattern and even extends slightly into the base of each knob to provide additional support below the softer compounds used in the remainder of each knob. Center knobs feature a medium durometer compound to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency, while outer knobs feature the softest compound for maximum grip and slow rebound characteristics.

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